Pros and Cons of Prefilled Pod Systems


A Good Choice for Beginners

Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, e-vaporizers, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), or personal vaporizers (PV), are handheld devices that powered by the battery. As a relatively young industry, e-cigarette market is progressing at a fast speed and the demands for customization is also on the rise. People are seeking for the model of larger battery, better performance or even a more attractive appearance. Advanced vapers have invented many designs like cartomizer and clearomizer as well as found the wick materials for vaping such as cotton and rayon.

But sometimes it seems that we get too focused on the device to realize that vaping is an approach to enjoy or to quit smoking. People are taught to learn how to DIY or modify their own vape. In fact, the ultra-portable pod is compact and simple while offering enough satisfaction for beginners. For convenience’s sake, many vapors are more likely to choose prefilled vape pod instead of refillable pod system. But just as a coin has two sides, the prefilled pod system has its benefits and drawbacks. The choice on which pod system is determined on your preference. Let’s see the pros and cons of the prefilled pod systems.



One of the most distinct features of the prefilled pod system is its convenience. The vape pod is usually made to be compact and easy to carry. One can enjoy the vape without carrying the heavy vape mods.


Another must-have reason on vape pod is the user-friendliness. Vapors are not required to learn its inner workings and the wicking materials selection. You can simply draw from the mouthpiece and instantly inhale the cloud. Vapors only need to change the cartridge then he can once use up.

Leak Proof

One commonly seen disadvantage of e-cigarette is the leaking problem, especially the vape tank. If the juice bottle is not properly sealed, your e-juice will escape the tank and spread out through the airflow system. But never with the prefilled pod system. The cartridge is made to be disposable and leak-proof.

Better Performance

Though there is an argument that vape pod is of lower battery power and less cloud, these problems have been solved via technological innovation. VUSE has recently released its new series Alto that equipped with a more powerful battery. Without being charged, Alto can last for a whole day. Besides, an e-cigarette technology company named FEELM and its new film heating system has proved to make much more amount of clouds than the traditional wick material. FEELM has even received Golden Leaf Awards with its new vaping technology.


Less Flavor

Compared to mods or the open-system, the biggest problem of prefilled pod system is the limited flavor selection. Since you can not refill the e-juice, you can only choose from the flavor packs that the pod manufacturer has provided because the prefilled pod is not identical and not necessarily match the vape pod of other brands.

Smaller E-juice Capacity

Owing to its compact design, the capacity of the e-juice cartridge must be smaller. For heavy smokers, a capacity of around 2ml means they need to carry more flavor pack with them.

All in all, the prefilled pod system has served a good choice for the vapors who are seeking convenience. It is recommended for beginners especially those who want an alternative for smoking. If later you have got acquaintance with vape but having trouble with its drawbacks, you may want to try refilled pod system or the more customized vape mods.